Working With Real Estate Agents


Knows the Ropes
We went to 5 open houses yesterday.
One agent gave us a brochure about real estate agents and talked about it. She wanted me to sign it.
None of the others did. A couple asked us if we are working with a buyer agent.

The agent says that it is not a contract, but we just met her.
Is this standard practice?

Mike Jaquish

Owner, Realty Arts
Staff member
Was this the brochure? It can come in various forms, but the message is the same.

If so, that one agent did the right thing, Smokey.
It's the law.
And, that brochure is not a contract. All you were being asked is a receipt indicating that the agent provided the brochure and discussed it with you.
Too many agents skip over offering the brochure and having a conversation about agent responsibilities to consumers.