Best Cary or Apex neighborhood swim neighborhood?


Knows the Ropes
My sister may be moving to town and her kids are great swimmers.
She will want more than a splashing pool. Something with lanes and a neighborhood swim team.

What would anyone recommend in the Cary or Apex area?


Knows the Ropes
I have friends who just Love Abbington in Apex.
They say the pool and swim team are very popular.

Thanks, Peaches. Hey, I know where Abbington is. She may have already mentioned it, but I can tell her that I heard from a local.

Anyone else with Apex or Cary swim neighborhoods?


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I work with people who live in both Abbington and Haddon Hall, and both really enjoy their homes and neighbors. Haddon Hall is such a wonderful location. Beaver Creek shopping is right across the street. Downtown Apex is so close.