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A Triangle Real Estate Forum? Why? It is all about the Conversation.

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Mike Jaquish

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Jun 6, 2012
It is about the conversation.
Often consumers have to fly blindfolded as they work their way through buying and selling homes.
Getting straightforward answers to questions without being pestered to hire someone just to get those simple answers can be difficult on sites like Trulia, Zillow, or other forums.
Asking a question on some sites makes the consumer fair game for solicition and teases like, "I can tell you if you give me your contact information."

It is a little different here on the Triangle Real Estate Forum.
It is all about the conversation. Sharing. Learning. Respectful discussion of differing perspectives.

Along with robust real estate discussions, we touch on many topics. Home and Garden. Sports. Schools.
And, there are no intrusive ads. No click-through monetization of the site. Clicking a link will not deliver you to a sales pitch for watches, drugs, etc.
We may post a few sponsorship ads below the footer at some point, but they will not be scattered in the conversation.

If you are ever solicited for business purposes, report it to an Admin. It will be addressed.
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